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Touting The Benefits Of Technology

Assessing The Ways Hotel Owners Can Improve The Guest Experience

Friday, March 29, 2019
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By Kacey Bradley

People will always need a place to stay when they travel, which means the hotel industry is going to be booming far into the future. While guests will always come and go, what they think of the hotel they stay in will never decrease in value. Reviews and feedback are critical to remaining a competitive force in the hotel industry, and one of the biggest things guests want is a better use of technology in hotel spaces.

Hotel technology used to be limited to a nice TV in each bedroom and a dining space on the first floor. Now, guests use tech in their lives every day, so it's natural for them to expect more out of a place they'll temporarily call home. To provide guests with the unique and excellent experiences that they're looking for, it's time to study how technology can improve how a guest experiences their stay.

Don't rush off to invest in tablets or wireless headphones for every room just yet rather learn how specific technologies can aid hotels in providing both an incredible experience for guests and team members alike. By thinking outside the box, you'll find the right tech for your hotel to make it a leading competitor in your area.

1. Tech Limits Confusion
People who are first-time guests won't know how your hotel system works, which means there could be confusion created even while they're trying to book their stay. If your website hasn't been updated in the past few years, you'll want to consider having it reviewed and seeing if it can be upgraded to be more user-friendly. The technology available at the hotel itself will limit confusion as well, since monitors and tablets would be ways for guests to easily access help for things like locating rooms or amenities without needing to call the front desk.

2. Early Check-In Welcomes More Guests
The idea of early check-in has already been implemented by airlines, but it is being used by hotels more and more. It allows guests to skip the front desk exchange by just grabbing their room key and heading to their room. This will mean the most to guests arriving late at night after traveling for an extended period, who won't want to stop and chat at the front desk. It also makes the front desk more available to guests who check in at the same time, so everyone can get the help they need and move on with their day.

3. Booking Apps Are User-Friendly
The flip side of independent check-in from a guest's phone is booking from their phone as well. Anyone with a smartphone can go to a website and book a room from there, but it's not as user-friendly as booking with an app. This has become a major trend since apps are easier to utilize and offer quick access for the hotel's guests to enjoy. Look into having an app developed for your hotel if you don't have one already to be even more guest-friendly.

4. Good Wi-Fi Improves Any Experience
You don't need to purchase something entirely new for your hotel to be able to say it has updated technology. An excellent place to start may be to analyze your Wi-Fi system. Do you get user feedback that it's slow? Do you need to maximize the bandwidth so more guests can get on at once? These things are critical for the most basic guest experience to be a good one, since everyone operates on Wi-Fi now.

5. Guests Can Personalize Their Trips
Another feature of technology that's a great help to hotels is that it can track what guests preferred during recent visits. A guest's online account on your website or app will suggest their preferences for the next time they book a room, like if they preferred a certain sized bed, floor or type of room. This makes prepping for the guest's stay much easier for hotel staff and creates a personal bond with that guest that results in return stays.

6. Internet Security Improves Brand Trust
As technology continues to update, there will always be people looking to exploit the loopholes in each system. Guests know that, which is why they want the best Internet security your hotel can offer. Advertise to your guests both online and on-site that their Internet browsing is protected by the latest advancements in security. A recent study showed that 75 percent of consumers will stop buying into a brand that doesn't care about web-based security. It'll be a wise investment, especially if you're a hot-spot for people who travel for work.

7. Management Software Helps Staff
A team works best when everyone's on the same page, which is where management software comes in. The latest tech software connects hotel personnel to a single server, saving information that's continually updated by people who are on a shift. Any staff member can see guests who get checked in, rooms that are cleaned and the status of the hotel kitchen if it's all on a cloud server that the team can access. This minimizes the chance that miscommunication will occur, leading to bad experiences for guests.

8. Tech Saves Time
Overall, tech helps the most by saving everyone time. Guests can smoothly check in and out of hotels while having the best experience possible. Staff can do their jobs efficiently, leading to more productivity and a better environment for guests. Saving time with technology like check-in apps or cloud management software will make your hotel run in a more efficient, practical way. It can also impress guests, especially when their time gets saved by robots serving late night snacks.

Investing in technology will transform how guests enjoy their stay at your hotel. Anything that makes life easier for guests who are in a new place will impress them, especially if it solves problems, they didn't even know they could have. Prevent issues by getting better Internet security or updating your website, so you know you're taking advantage of the new technology the world has to offer.

Kacey Bradley is the blogger behind, The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Follow Kacey on Twitter and subscribe to her blog to keep up with her travels and inspiring posts.
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